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Maximum energy saving

- Dimmable Led lighting

- Brushless motor for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption

Minimum noise level

With a minimum sound level of 33 dB (A)

Sequential electronic control of 10 levels

Filter cleaning indicator

·Panel Control Touch Slider with timer

· 10 levels of extraction

· BRUSHLESS motor with a maximum consumption of 100w

· Maximum flow rate of extraction 740 m 3/h

· Extra quietmode: minimum noise 33 dB (A) and maximum 59 dB (A)

· High efficiency and dimmable LED lighting

· Large suction surface

· Filter cleaning indicator

· Washable metal filters in dishwasher

· Black glass / stainless steel easy to clean interior and exterior finish

· Installing sturdy and adjustable height

· Inner armour

· Maximum pressure of 375Pa

· Download 150 / 125mm

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The HGR 110 is the result of collaboration with the Roca brothers, the famous restaurant El Celler de Can Roca. It is a multifunction oven with touch control. 

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