• CATA Appliances introduces its new range of efficient electric water heaters with capacities of 30, 50, 75 and 100 liters.

• The new electric water heaters are characterized by their efficiency, reliability and versatility of installation.

CATA Appliances continues expanding its catalog with the presentation of their new domestic electric water heaters.

The reliability and durability of these elements have been thoroughly studied by adding a sheathed thermostat and double resistance circuit independent operation, allowing it to be replaced without draining the heat and keep on heating even if one of them does not work. All CATA heaters meet European standards both at the level of eco-design and energy labeling European-normative for eco-design (Dir 2009/125 / EC.) And energy labeling (Dir 2010/30 / EC.); applied only to products that are released to the market from 26.09.2015.

Its improved and optimal insulation (polyurethane foam, CFC and HCFC free) allows CATA heaters minimize heat loss and be among the most efficient on the market.

In addition, all CATA thermos meet European standards both at the level of eco design and energy labeling.

On the other hand, the outer envelope has a laminated steel with epoxy paint protection, thus preventing oxidation of the heaters. In addition, the user can adjust the temperature of the heat thanks to the adjustable thermostat with front control.

Available in models 30, 50, 75 and 100 liters, all CATA heaters except Slim - TS-30 SL (which is also ideal for installation in kitchen units, improving aesthetics and use of space) allow the both vertical and horizontal installation thanks to the design of its components and adapting to the needs of each individual.

Finally, CATA electric heaters enjoy the highest level of security. For example, if the thermostat temperature control stops working, the safety thermostat switches off the boiler. In addition, hydraulic safety system prevents the internal pressure is higher than the nominal design pressure, also having a safety valve with drain device.