I 6104 BK

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4 cooking areas:
Front Right: 1 area of Ø160 of 1.2kW(max. 1.5kW)
Rear Right: 1 area of Ø180 of 1.8kW (max. 2,3kW)
Front Left: 1 area of Ø210 of 2kW (max. 2,3kW)
Rear Left: 1 area of Ø160 of 1,2kW(max. 1,5kW)
Touch Control with acoustic warning
9 adjustable power levels 
Safety lock
Timer function for each area
Residual heat indicator
Automatic safety switch-off
Automatic pan detection
Total power 6.2kW
59 cm wide

08040101 - I 6104 BK - 8422248077637