Get to know the best solutions for island kitchens.

Hoods - Island Hoods

MOON Island

The model is an elegant Island hood 40 cm with S. Steel finishing incorporates 3 speed touch control timer and filter cleaning indicator, provides a minimum noise level, with 3 dimming halogen lamps and extraction capacity the maximum level of 780m3 / h.


Cylindrical hood with an island installation.


The Hood Island THALASSA available in 90 cm, black glass finishing, incorporates 3 speed touch control timer and indicator metal filter cleaning. With an extraction capacity in the maximum sound power 820m3/hy minimum. Incorporates two dimming halogen lamps.

SELENE 900 Island

Selene Island hood 900 is an elegant stainless steel and finished in mirror glass, incorporates 3 speed touch control timer, filter cleaning indicator, with two dimming halogen lights and an extraction capacity at the peak of 820m3 / h.


The Sygma 1200 Island is a bell-finished steel and 120 cm. Control panel features 3 speeds with timer and 4 halogen lamps

SYGMA Island

The Sygma Island is a hood with S. Steel finishing and 90 cm/1200 cm. Includes control panel with timer 3 speeds, 2x50W halogen lamps (SYGMA 900) and 4x35W halogen lamps (STYGMA 1200), a maximum extraction 820m3/hy a minimum noise level 49dB.

GAMMA Island

Gamma Island hood characterized by the combination of transparent glass and steel. Available in 90cm. Includes 3-­?speed electronic panel with a minimum noise level, timer, with 4 halogen and an extraction capacity at the peak of 820m3 / h.


C combines finishing in S. Steel or -Black and glass. Available in sizes 60, 70 and 90cm. Incorporates a mechanical pushbutton panel 3 speed with a minimum noise level.